Memphis / Millington Opportunity Zones

Millington Industrial Development Board

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Millington, TN 38053
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The Opportunity Zones program was established through the Tax Cuts and Jobs  Act in December 2017.

It is a community development tax incentive program for private investors.

The program is designed to drive long-term capital to rural and low-to-moderate  income urban communities throughout the nation, and uses tax incentives to  encourage private investment in impact funds.

Investors are eligible to receive certain tax benefits on unrealized capital gains  reinvested in Opportunity Zones through pooled Opportunity Funds.

Millington & Memphis Area Opportunity Zones

  • This zone is comprised of two census tracts that make up the City of Millington.
  • Millington is home to a US Naval Command Center and recently received $30  million through HUD’s National Disaster Resilience Competition for a 1,200 park  to protect the naval base and low- to moderate-income communities from  chronic flooding.
  • The city and county recently established a TIF district within this zone.

Census tracts: 47157020210, 47157020300